Mark Callow, President of Edgewise Consulting, specializes in 3D graphics, digital media and the World-Wide Web. He has been a member of the Khronos OpenGL ES working group since its founding and is also a member of the WebGL and OpenGL® ARB working groups where he contributes to development of the specifications.

He was Chief Architect at HI Corporation in Tokyo where he managed development of MascotCapsule® V4, an M3G* engine embedded in all Sony Ericsson phones for several years. He was a member of the M3G expert groups, JSR184 and JSR297.

Mark was with Silicon Graphics for 11 years where he was responsible for the 4Sight window system, CDman, the world's first media player application to read the digital audio data directly from the CD & DATman, the world's first DAT recording application, and was the designer of InPerson, a collaborative desktop video conferencing system. His last SGI assignment was with Cosmo Software where he worked on VRML animation and was their liaison to the MPEG-4 standards committee. During this period he created the enabling technology for live performances of the animated VRML character the VRML NetSensor.

At Edgewise Mark has created applications such as ShadowChaser3D, a golf swing trainer, Animailer, a multimedia e-mail authoring web site, and an application for capturing hand-written Post-It notes.

Mark graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. and has a Master's degree from Clarkson University, USA. When not working, Mark enjoys travelling and getting to know other cultures. He has circumnavigated the globe twice and speaks a little French and a lot of Japanese.

* Mobile 3D Graphics API for Java

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